Adult Education

Programs designed for adult groups – clubs, retirement organizations, bus tour groups and college-level classes.

Guided Tours

400 Years of Indian & English History on the James River

Join our living history interpreters in an “immersion tour” of the Indian and English worlds of 17th-century Virginia: inter-cultural relations, militia, trades, daily life, religion, economics and government.


Interactive hands-on programs available

Medical Practices of the 17th Century

Explore how early colonial doctors used a combination of herbs, tools and medical theories to try to heal the colonists of Henricus.  Session will be run in the recreated first English speaking hospital in the New World:  Mt. Malady.  Visitors will work with medical instruments of the era and the herbs from our “Physick” garden.  Available now.

Two Lives of Pocahontas

Learn the true story of Pocahontas through lecture in our colonial church as well as an on-site tour to explore the complex cultures, with both of which Pocahontas lived throughout her short life.  How dramatically did her life change with her conversion of faith and culture?  We will compare and contrast her daily life through clothing, food, housing, gender roles, education, religion and political changes.  Hands on activity – Period Candle Making.  Available starting June 2017.


Your choice of Virginia-Indian, Colonial-Era or Civil War themes. Lectures can be held onsite or at a college campus.

Fee Based

Public Speaking Engagements

Your choice of a Colonial, Indian or Civil War theme.

Fee Based

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