Henricus: A Citie of Beginnings

A short, informative documentary about the 2nd English Settlement in the New World (after Jamestown) in 1611. 2011 is the 400th anniversary of the establishment of this city in what grew later to be Virginia.

Henricus Battle

A small battle between native warriors of the Appamatuck people against Sir Thomas Dale’s musketeers at Henricus Historical Park.

A Virtual Tour of Henricus Historical Park

This virtual tour was produced by the Gilder Lehrman Institute for a spring 2015 online graduate course, “The South in American History,” led by historian Edward L. Ayers.

1622 Opechancanough Powhatan Warrior

A short overview of the 1622 Opechancanough Powhatan Warrior

1622 Opechancough’s Offensive – English Colonists

Listen to the perspectives of real colonists that lived in the Henricus settlement before March 22, 1622.

Demonstration of a 1611 Matchlock Musket

Historical interpreter John Pagano presents a detailed presentation and demonstration of DeGeyn’s Manual of Arms for the early 17th-century Matchlock Musket.

Virginia, 1622

March 22, 1622 – Opechancanough, the new leader of the Powhatan people, organized an attack on the English settlements along the James River.

Harvesting Tobacco

Lindsay Gray, a Henricus Historical Park agricultural specialist, demonstrates the steps it takes to stem and hand the summer’s tobacco crops and discusses the history of growing Virginia tobacco.

People of the River: Powhatan Indians

Along with LionHeart Filmworks, Henricus Historical Park presents the most recent education film about the Powhatan Indians.