Contact Information

For a program guide, program reservations or for additional information:

Henricus Education Department
Phone: (804) 318-8797


  • School programs conducted at Henricus require a reservation made at least 14 days in advance of the planned visit. Spring and fall date bookings should be made at least six months in advance.
  • Minimum group size to receive an educational program is 10 students.
  • A non-refundable $50 deposit is required (20 days prior to the event) to hold your program date. Date cancellations are required at least three weeks prior to the event or your deposit will be forfeited.
  • Programs will run onsite or indoors in one of our classrooms, regardless of weather. Programs can only be cancelled on the day scheduled without forfeit if the requesting school district or Henricus staff determines that weather conditions are too dangerous for the group to come to the Park.
  • Final payment is due upon arrival for all on site programs. Checks can be mailed prior to the event for all Outreach programs or handed to the Museum Educator upon arrival at your school.
  • Attendance numbers must be updated 48 hours prior to the scheduled program. Fees are based upon the most recent number registered.


On-Site Programs


  • $8 per child per one hour program
  • $15 per child for two hour programming
  • $20 per child for three hour programming
  • $12 per child for Voyage to Virginia program


  • 1 teacher or adult chaperone required for every 10 children
  • $9 per teacher or chaperone
  • Voyage to Virginia program - $12 per additional adult

Title I partial discounts may be made available upon written request

Outreach (Museum to You) Programs

  • $225 per 1-hour classroom session (up to 30 students per class)
  • $190 per additional 1-hour classroom session
  • Additional fees may be added for mileage and staffing hours for schools beyond a 50-mile range of the park

Title I discounts are not available for outreach programs

Upcoming Events

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