Tours & Programs

Our adult programs are designed for individuals, clubs, retirement organizations, bus tour groups, college-level classes, or continuing education. Self-guided tours of 10 to 25 visitors are available at a reduced admission rate. Guided thematic tours of the site are available from $14-$17 per visitor depending on programming.

Registration is required. Call (804) 318-8797 or email Henricus Education.


Upcoming Programs

Check back in later for future program opportunities!


William and Mary Student Visit


Tour the Powhatan town of Arrohateck, the English fort of Henricus, and the settlements at Proctor Plantation and Coxendale at your own pace.

Pocahontas Interpretation

Two Lives of Pocahontas

Follow the cultural lives of Pocahontas as both a Virginia Indian girl and later as an English woman. Compare and contrast the economic, educational, religious, and political implications of her life in and between both cultures.
Teachers Workshop

Historic Highlights

Guided tour of the recreated Powhatan town of Arrohateck and English colonial fort and settlement. Meet costumed interpreters and hear stories of successes and challenges during the early 17th century.

Sir Thomas Dale Interpeter

Lords and Leaders

What did it take to be a good leader in Powhatan culture? How did the systems of English law and custom translate into governing the early colony of Virginia? Our interpreters will help answer these complicated questions.

Upcoming Events

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