Camp Pocahontas

What did a Powhatan child do for fun during the 17th century? In our re-created Powhatan settlement of Arrohateck, campers will explore the environment and life of Pocahontas and the culture of the Powhatan people through demonstrations, activities, arts and crafts. Hands-on activities include cooking, farming, archery, music and dancing, engineering, canoe scraping, fish net weaving, and pottery.

Ages: 6-9

Dates: June 25-27

Time: 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

Cost: $160/child

Henricus Members: $135/child

Registration Cancellations: Full refunds through 5/23; Half refunds through 6/10; No refunds after 6/10

Camp registration is now open! Please email Henricus Education or call the Education Department to register your campers!


The event is finished.