Growing Tobacco

Labor for Hire

Labor for Hire: Indentured Servants in 17th Century Virginia Who were indentured servants and how did these individuals shape the […]

Cultures Collide

Cultures Collide Tour our English fort and settlement to discover how colonists interacted and coexisted with the Powhatan Indians in […]

Housing Families First

Henricus Historical Park has partnered with Housing Families First and will be accepting donations of *new* toiletry and cleaning items. […]


Sewing The English colonists 400 years ago of course didn’t have sewing machines, so every single article of clothing had […]

Kids Kayaking

James River Camp

James River Camp  Discover the environmental and geological features of the historic James River as Powhatans and the Colonial settlers […]

Kids Digging Canoe

Camp Pocahontas

Camp Pocahontas  What did a Powhatan child do for fun during the 17th century?  In our re-created Powhatan settlement of […]

Spring Break Campers Wearing Armor

Spring Break Camp

Spring Break Camp 2020 Beat the winter doldrums and celebrate Spring Break with us at Henricus!  Join us for one […]

Herbalism Class

Introduction to Herbal Medicines

Introduction to Herbal Medicines   Compare and contrast herbal medicine of 400 years ago to its uses today.  Registration required […]

Medical Tools

Family Matters

Family Matters Compare and contrast daily life in both Powhatan and English Colonial communities of 17th century Virginia.  Adult groups, […]