Medical Tools

17th-Century Sciences

17th-Century Sciences Indoor or outreach program Explore the beginnings of modern scientific theory and method as it evolved during the […]

Wooden Globe

Virginia Governments

Virginia Governments Indoor or outreach program Compare and contrast early 17th century English colonial and Powhatan Indian governments. Through role […]

Wooden Globe

Math & Mapping the James River

Math & Mapping the James River Indoor or outreach program 17th-century innovations in mapping techniques and navigational tools brought colonists […]

James River View

Voyage to Virginia

Voyage to Virginia with Henricus & Agecroft Hall Visit Agecroft Hall and Henricus Historical Park to discover the differences between […]

Archaeology Camp Bones in Dirt

Cultures in Contact: Archaeology

Cultures in Contact: Archaeology Indoor or outreach program Recreate the life and living patterns of three 17th-century cultures – living […]

Publick Days Powhatan Interpreters

Two Lives of Pocahontas

Two Lives of Pocahontas Follow the cultural lives of Pocahontas as both a Virginia Indian girl and later as an […]

Wooden Globe

Mapping the James River

Mapping the James River All aboard! In this program, students examine historical maps and 17th century navigational tools to discover […]

Guard at Fort Entrance

Success of the Citie

Success of the Citie: 17th-Century Henricus Tour the Citie of Henricus, the second successful English settlement in Virginia, to learn […]