Spring Break Campers Wearing Armor

Spring Break Camp 2020

Beat the winter doldrums and celebrate Spring Break with us at Henricus!  Join us for one immersive program and delve deep into the topic of your choice or sign up for multiple programs and receive a discount. Snacks included!

Ages: 8-12

Time: 9am-4pm

Registration Deadline: April 2, call 804-318-8797

Cost:$40/day per child,$36/day per child for multiple days

Henricus Members: $33/day

Daily Themes:

April 6 – Archaeology – Grab a trowel and get ready to dig into the past!  Learn about the tools and techniques of excavation and see what you can find out about people by the things they left behind.

April 7 – Builders and Makers – How did the Powhatan Indians and English colonists get the things they needed and wanted?  Join us as we figure out how both cultures built their homes, cooked their food, made their clothing, and created their other wants and needs in 17th century Virginia.

April 8 – Living Things of the James River – The James River is important to more than just fish!  Find out how we have depended upon and used the resources of the river over time.

April 9 – Sir Thomas Dale’s Colony – Do you have the grit it takes to survive martial law?  Learn about the skills, such as construction and military tactics, that it would take to succeed under military rule at Henricus fort!

April 10 – Food of the 17th Century – Come and learn what breakfast, lunch, and dinner might look like for a Powhatan Indian or an English colonist in the 17th century!