“Extreme and Cruel Tortures:” English and Powhatan Crimes and Punishments

Both English and Powhatan societies in early Virginia were extremely harsh against their people when it came to crime, especially thievery, murder, and treason. A note on Sir Thomas Dale described his handling of Englishmen in the colony, “…some he appointed hanged, some burned, some broken upon wheels, others to be staked, and some to be shot to death. All these extreme and cruel tortures he used and inflicted upon them to terrify the rest…”

Dive into the morbid world of 17th-century crimes and punishments while our English and Native interpreters cover specific cases, tools of execution, and the ritual of trials.

*This program is intended for most public, but we do not encourage bringing children younger than 10 to this event.

Date: Saturday, July 20
Time: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Cost: $12/adult, $8/children ages 5-12; Henricus Members: free