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School of the Musketeer

Learn how to fire a matchlock musket, be part of a live-fire cannon crew, handle a pike and experience the thrill of dueling with swords.

There is much more to musketeer life than just being a soldier. Participate in period games, examine medical instruments and techniques of the time, and discover the role of religion in the era. How were clothes made and where did the raw materials come from? Taste the food and learn how it was prepared 400 years ago. The soap didn’t come from the supermarket, the bread didn’t come in a bag and the lights at night were not plugged in.

So UNPLUG—and come spend the weekend with us!

For full participation, including meals and musketry, all students must register by September 28. Register here! 


Date: October 1-2, 2022; overnight experience

Cost: $35, all inclusive

Ages: 16+