Visit “Haunted Henricus” Event for Modern and Historic Ghost Stories

10-20-11 blog imageAt Henricus this weekend, storytellers will relive English and Virginia Indian ghost stories. In addition, experts from Transcend Paranormal (aka R.I.P. Ghost Hunters) will share findings of recent paranormal activity at Henricus. Specialists have visited Henricus several times and captured a misty figure on video, experienced objects moving and discovered Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs) in virtually every building onsite. EVPs have been recorded of people speaking, furniture dropping and cannons firing. Experts from Transcend Paranormal utilize electromagnetic field detectors, cameras, camcorders and voice recorders when conducting research. See proof of ghost activity at “Haunted Henricus: Things That Go Bump in the Night” this weekend (reservation required: (804) 748-1613). For more information, visit

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