Summer Scheduling

Join us this summer for themed days!

June 1-September 3, 2018

Talk Like Pocahontas Tuesday

Pocahontas lived at Henricus from 1613-1614 at Reverend Whitaker’s home, Rocke Hall, where she was converted from a native Powhatan to baptized English woman.

Our interpreters in both the Powhatan Indian Village and English settlement are demonstrating the two languages (Algonquin and English) she would have spoken.

Learn words and expressions used in both cultures and engage in conversation about Pocahontas’ life at Henricus!

Weeding Wednesday

Interpreters are focusing on their gardens – and you’re invited to help!

Learn about our documentable vegetables, plants, and herbs and their historical uses while helping with gardening chores.

Thunder Thursday

Henricus was historically the home of several types of cannons brought here during and after the time of Sir Thomas Dale.

Be a part of the crew as Henricus interpreters demonstrate how cannons were operated!

Cannon firings will be conducted inside the fort at 11am, 1pm, and 3pm.

Feeding Friday

Interpreters are focusing on the foods that sustained them and demonstrating how they would be cooked.

Learn about the various foods that were routinely cooked in the 17th century – feel free to ask the interpreters for a copy of their recipe!

Meals will most often be consumed by the interpreters between 1-3pm, so come early!

Skills for Kids Saturday

Learn the period skills that children would have been taught from ages 5-15 in both the English and Powhatan cultures, such as fire starting, tool making, laundry, sewing, writing, etc.

Settle Down Sunday

Some days, when the workload was relaxed or lightened, the Powhatan people and English colonists had the opportunity for fun and recreation.

Experience and join in on games and activities typical of both cultures!